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Being bones, it seems your teeth would be among the strongest parts of your body. They’re strong, but they’re not immune to breaking, chipping, and a myriad of other damage. What makes this unfortunate is these are your visible bones. If one of them is damaged in some way, it’s apparent to the entire world. It’s effect on your smile affects your confidence, which is why our crowns dentist in Utah is one of the best in the area. Dental crowns seem intimidating, but our family practice makes it easy for you to show off your gorgeous smile all the time.

Determining Your Need for Crowns

When you feel you have an issue with your tooth, our office fits you in right away. Dental crowns shouldn’t wait, and our crowns dentist in Utah understands the need to be seen right away. X-rays are taken to determine the extent of damage to the tooth in question, and our dental professionals perform a close examination of the tooth in question. If our office finds tooth decay in the root canal, root canal treatment is scheduled prior to placing a crown.

It’s during this appointment your impacted tooth is filed and prepared for a crown, though some fillings might be necessary if the tooth is missing pieces thanks to the damage. Once this is determined and handled, our office schedules a secondary visit to install the crown in your mouth once it’s been fitted and properly formed for your mouth. The fitting process is simple, and placing your crown is a quick process that requires nothing more than local anesthesia and bonding cement. Once your crown is in place, your smile is perfect once again.

Crown Tips

Before your crown is ready to place, our office provides temporary crowns to protect the tooth in question. Caring for this crown is imperative, and it’s going to help you keep your mouth in shape and healthy while you wait for your permanent crown to be delivered. It’s during this time you’ll avoid all sticky food and all hard foods, and you’ll chew on the side of your mouth where the temporary crown is not located.

Another great tip concerns flossing. While you might use an up and down motion, it’s better to slide floss in and out while you floss around your temporary crown to avoid pulling it off. Once your permanent crown is in, you’ll be able to eat the foods you love and floss regularly once again.

A beautiful smile is something everyone wants, and it’s important. Allowing a tooth with missing pieces, damage, and a lack of overall good health keep you from smiling and being as confident as you are isn’t necessary. Our general dentistry professionals are well-versed working with dental crowns, which means we can have your smile and confidence in place in no time, and you won’t have to hide your tooth from others anymore. Your oral health directly impacts your overall health, and it’s the biggest reason to keep your mouth healthy.

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