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Wisdom Teeth

Teenagers go through a lot of changes. One of the things that they might experience is the pain associated with the wisdom teeth coming in, which usually means that the teeth need to be removed. At times, a wisdom teeth dentist might be able to only pull one or two so that there is more space in the mouth for the rest of the teeth in the mouth to shift. However, in most cases, all four of the wisdom teeth need to be removed. Fortunately, sedation is offered. The removal process is considered oral surgery. Most dental offices will offer IV sedation or laughing gas along with a mild sedative. Sometimes, the teeth can easily be pulled like other teeth if they have come through the gums. Most of the time, the teeth need to be cut out because they don't have room to come through.

Signs of Wisdom Teeth Coming Through

  • Severe pain in the back of the mouth
  • Slight fever from the teeth coming through
  • Swelling

Irritated Gums

One of the things that a wisdom teeth dentist will look for in the mouth is irritation and redness. When you see a wisdom teeth Utah dentist, you'll likely have x-rays done to see how the teeth are positioned. Some of them will come in at an angle underneath the back molars. A great deal of redness and irritation will likely be seen where the teeth are at in the mouth.

Variations of Pain

Some people have a lot of pain when the teeth are coming through while others only experience a bit of pain that can be relieved with medication that can be purchased over the counter. It can sometimes be compared to a dull ache or a throbbing sensation. A wisdom teeth Utah dentist can give a stronger medication until you have the teeth removed.

Whether the teeth are coming through at an angle or completely through the gums, you might be able to see the actual teeth. You will see white specks at the back of the mouth that are hard to the touch. Sometimes, you might want to bite the inside of the cheek. There could also be an itching feeling as the teeth begin to break through the gums.

If you experience any kind of pain in the back of the mouth and are of an age when the wisdom teeth would come in, you can contact Three Fountains Dentistry in Utah to have an examination done. This is a time to talk to the dentist about the options that you have with removal and if the teeth necessarily need to be removed or if they can remain in the mouth.

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Wisdom Teeth